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    Geoff Murray: Rupert Point in Tasmania

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    Expeditions & Adventures

    I have for a long time intended to visit Rupert Point in Tasmania's west coast Tarkine. I finally managed to organise driving up to Corinna, board the majestic old Arcadia II and chug the 17kms down to Pieman Heads where the skipper took me across to the northern side of the river in an inflatable dinghy.

    Pieman River, Tasmania

    I had been warned that water would be scarce and that proved to be the case. Setting up camp a couple of kilometres north of the river I had to return to a fisherman's shack at Pieman Heads and fill my water bag from the tank. The rest of the day was spent lying in my tent with the doors tied back to escape the incredibly persistent March flies that were present by the score. Fortunately my Mont Moondance II tent has excellent ventilation and allowed me to keep semi cool in the 30+ degree heat.

    Rupert Point in Tasmania

    Rupert Point in Tasmania

    Come late afternoon I packed my camera gear and wandered the couple of kilometres up to Rupert Point. This was the first time I had visited this place so I had one evening and one morning to find good viewpoints. Fortunately the light was kind to me and I found a couple of nice spots to photograph. I have seen quite a few shots of Rupert and most photographers seem to take the same image but I was keen on finding something new. The March flies hadn't gone yet so I resorted to wearing my waterproofs, Mont Latitude trousers and a Mont Lightspeed jacket so I could concentrate on taking photographs and ignore the flies. Hot, but successful :) Eventually, the March flies went. Then the mosquitoes arrived....

    Rupert Point in Tasmania

    Rupert Point in Tasmania

    I was back at my tent at 9.20pm, quickly grabbed a bit of food then hopped into my tent to escape the mosquitoes. It rained a little overnight and conditions were really nice the next morning so I walked back to Rupert Point and found another couple of nice images. Then it was back to the tent, pack everything up and walk back to Pieman Heads to wait to be picked up by the Arcadia's skipper for the return to Corinna.

    Overall, a brilliant 2 days on the west coast.

    Rupert Point in Tasmania


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    Dog Boxing with Doug Chatten

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    Expert outdoor advice

    Doug Chatten, Professional Ski Patroller and Mont Ambassador, has had plenty of experience when it comes to on-snow camping. Read on for his guide to a comfortable night on the slopes.

    My preferred style of overnight ski touring is combining gear & clothing in a lightweight minimalistic sleeping system so I’m not wasting energy on the approach. I like to head for the steeps where I can ski & climb & give the Mont team some real product feedback.

    Doug Chatten, Mont Ambassador

    When bivvying on the steeps I fashion a dog box; a pit across the slope which keeps me arrested particularly in icy conditions. A wind spine amongst some good rock anchors on a steep slope makes a good site. At one end I have a foot well with a bench in front so I can sit up, get organised & cook. It adds a new dimension to ski in ski out accommodation & provides for some spectacular sunsets. A Helium sleeping bag and Warmlite sleeping mat under the open sky provides adequate comfort & warmth.

    "It adds a new dimension to ski in ski out accommodation"

    Doug Chatten, Mont Ambassador, dog boxing on the Aussie Snowys

    The following is a clothing list for a mid-winter trip, from this I have choices to regulate my sleeping system by how much I wear at night

    Travelling light doesn’t provide the sanctuary of a base camp, is reliant on suitable weather conditions, a disciplined approach, quality gear and clothing, keeping busy, being fit, fuelled up, hydrated & maintaining a realistic schedule. If any of these factors are missing you need to reschedule or fatten up your kit! If one thing’s for sure I never compromise on the quality of my gear, that’s why I choose Mont.

    Doug Chatten, Mont Ambassador

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    Mont. Trusted in the Wild.



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