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Hydronaute XT-R: 100% Recycled Fabric

June 02, 2019

Hydronaute XT-R: 100% Recycled Fabric

Selected for use on the Mont Warmlite Sleeping Bag series, Hydronaute XT-R is a performance fabric designed specifically to protect and enhance down and insulated garments and sleeping bags.

Water Resistant



7000g/m2/24 hours



100% Recycled

Guaranteed by the Global Recycle Standard, Hydronaute XT-R is a 100% recycled Nylon fabric made from pre-consumer industrial waste.

Highly Water Resistant

Keeping down dry is vital in cold & extreme environments; wet down just won’t keep you warm. Using an ultra-light durable water resistant coating, Hydronaute XT-R fabric protects down from external moisture allowing it to trap as much warmth as possible.

Highly Breathable

If not removed promptly, water vapour from your body will gather on down & reduce its ability to trap warmth. Hydronaute XT-R expels 7L of water vapour per square metre per 24 hours for drier down, greater loft & maximum warmth.

Warmth Sealed In

With a 100% windproof rating, even the iciest winds will not penetrate Hydronaute XT-R fabric, keeping warm air trapped inside.

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