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Down Sleeping Bag Selection Guide

January 17, 2017

Down Sleeping Bag Selection Guide

Mont Down Sleeping Bags are the culmination of 35 years of experience in sleeping bag design, manufacture & use in the wild.

Use the information below on each sleeping bag series to find a down sleeping bag perfectly suited to your next adventure, be it camping in the Grampians, in an igloo on the Snowy Mountains or travelling Australia & the World. See the season rating, general use, defining features, temperature guide and weight.


Expedition 8000 Series
Expedition 8000 Sleeping Bag Temperature range

Designed specifically for the extreme cold of high altitude mountaineering with larger dimensions to allow the wearing of down clothing & booties as required.

Hydronaute XT water resistant & breathable fabric is used on the outside of the Expedition 8000 as well as inside on the foot & hood lining. This lightweight fabric protects the down from exterior moisture while removing internal moisture (perspiration) keeping you dryer, warmer & more comfortable.

Photo: At high altitude in Pakistan. Courtesy of Mont Ambassador Chris Warner

Learn more about the Expedition 8000




Specialist Boxfoot Sleeping Bag Temperature Range

From snow caves to the high altitude basecamps of the great peaks & beyond, the Specialist Boxfoot Series are designed for maximum warmth at minimum weight, and performance in cold to extreme cold conditions.

Mummy shaped bags with 3D boxfoot sections, side zips only, Hydronaute XT water resistant shell fabric, water resistant down, & vertical chest baffles for the highest level of warmth efficiency.

Photo: Firefly Tent on the Main Range, NSW Snowy Mountains. Courtesy of Justin O’Keeffe

Learn more about the Specialist Boxfoot Range




Tapered Rectangular XT series sleeping bags
tapered rectangular series sleeping bag temperature guide

The Tapered Rectangular XT Sleeping Bags represent true versatility. They offer complete coverage with a 3D hood & internal collar, torso mapping Radial Arc Baffles, water resistant & extremely breathable Hydronaute XT fabric, water resistant down, & the ability to ventilate or open the bag out flat with full length side & foot zips.

The Tapered Rectangular XT Sleeping Bags are a favourite with bushwalkers & ski tourers.

Photo: Cradle Mountain & Dove Lake, Tasmania. Courtesy of Mont Ambassador Geoff Murray

Learn more about the Tapered Rectangular XT Range




Helium Sleeping Bag Series
Helium Series Sleeping Bags Temperature Guide

New ultralight shell fabric and water resistant down in a lighter and higher performing package. The new Helium Down Sleeping Bags are lighter, warmer and more resilient than ever. Body mapping Radial Arc Baffles filled with high lofting DWR down naturally wrap around your body to minimise baffle distortion & maximise warmth.

The Helium Series are best sellers for bushwalking, ski & cycle touring & more.

Photo: Epoch Tent on the Overland Track, Tasmania. Courtesy of Neil Blundy

Learn more about the Helium Ultralight Range




ZERO Series ultralight sleeping bags
Zero Sleeping bags temperature guidie

Maximise your backpack space & minimise your carried weight with the ZERO Sleeping Bag range. Ultralight, ultra-compact & perfect for spring & summer camping, travel in warmer climes or as a liner for your existing sleeping bag.

Utilising the world’s lightest downproof Nylon the ZERO set a new standard in ultralight weight sleeping bags, the ZERO UltraLight in particular taking the title of World’s Lightest Full Size Sleeping Bag at only 300g!

Photo: The Mont Stargazer Tent in Queensland. By Mont staff member David ‘Moley’.
Learn more about the ZERO Range



Prolite Ultralight Series Sleeping Bags
Prolite Ultralight Series Sleeping Bags Temperature Guide

In a market hungry for lighter and faster, the Mont ProLite Series leads the pack as the ultimate in super-lightweight design. Filled with ultralight, high lofting DWR down and made with Hydronaute XT fabric the ProLite Series perform well beyond their weight.

Photo: Moondance 2 Tent on the Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory. Courtesy of Mont staff member Bryony Alden

Learn more about the Prolite Ultralight Range




Zodiac Series Sleeping Bags
Zodiac Series Sleeping Bags Temperature Range

A quality range of entry-level down sleeping bags. Affordably priced, yet designed with all the features required to make any trip as comfortable as possible, including water resistant down, full length side & foots zips, Toaster Pocket for air activated heat pack, & hidden zip security pocket inside for your cash or passport.

The versatility of the Mont Zodiac sleeping bags makes them ideal for travellers and suitable for bushwalkers.

Photo: Trekking in Nepal. Courtesy of Noel O Ward
Learn more about the Zodiac Range



Hotwire Sleeping Bag
Hotwire Sleeping Bag Temperature Range

Extend the comfort range of your sleeping bag by up to 10ºC with a Hotwire extender, or use it as an ultralight summer sleeping bag. The Hotwire Extender is ideally suited for summer trips and has an EN 13537 lower limit rating of 2ºC.

Photo: Sossusvlei, Namibia. Courtesy of Mohan & The Trekking Company

Learn more about the Hotwire Extender Range

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