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All Mont Sleeping Bags

Mont has been making down sleeping bags since 1981

More than three decades ago the first Mont down sleeping bags were handmade by Andrew Montgomery, the founder of Mont Adventure Equipment. Today Andrew and the team at Mont continue to design and develop world-class sleeping bags.

The Mont Sleeping Bag range includes ultralight and lightweight backpacking sleeping bags, ultralight bike packing sleeping bags, down sleeping bags for cold and extreme cold weather, alpine and backcountry snow sleeping bags, high altitude mountaineering sleeping bags and synthetic sleeping bags for hiking, travel, and general camping. All our down sleeping bags are filled with responsibly sourced, water-resistant down.

To better understand the Mont Sleeping Bag range, please see the Mont Sleeping Bag Series Overview, the Sleeping Bag Temperature Guide and the Sleeping Bag Technology Guide.

Or if you would like to speak with a Mont Sleeping Bag expert please contact us.