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Whether you are skiing Australia’s Alps or preparing for a hike exhibition, base-layers are a must-have for your outdoor adventure gear kit. Also known as thermal clothing, these layers act as a second skin, providing you with a layer of warmth whilst also keeping your sweat and moisture at bay.

At Mont Adventure Equipment, we have a range of veritable and comfortable thermal underwear that meets the needs of any hiker, climber or skier. Each of our thermals feature materials that regulate your body temperature, acting as an insulation layer that offer ample breathability for intense movement.

Looking to stay dry in the tough Australian heat? Our thermals also feature fast drying, rapid sweat-wicking technology which quickly dissipates any sweat and moisture . We also have products that include anti-odour technology, perfect for multi-day trips where running water may be a luxury.

With a range of materials and styles to choose from, there is a base layer out there for every outdoor enthusiast. Explore Mont’s range of thermals today!