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Sentinel 42L/45L Canvas Backpacks

Size Guide
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Fast and light, the Sentinel Pack is the ideal size for lightweight overnighters, weekend adventures and classic walks like the Kokoda Track or Camino Trail.


Fast and light, the Sentinel Pack is the ideal size for lightweight overnighters, weekend adventures and classic walks like the Kokoda Track or Camino Trail. Available in 42 and 45L sizes depending upon your back length.

The Sentinel Backpack is fitted with a SoloLite Harness with a lightweight but supportive hip belt, contoured shoulder straps and dual hollow-form aluminium stays.

Non-moisture wicking V-Ridge Foam on the back panel allows air movement to keep you cooler and dryer and HDPE sheet behind the V-Ridge foam keeps the pack smooth against your back. Combined with multiple adjustment points on the shoulders and hips the Sentinel's harness is comfortable and very supportive, appropriate for medium weight loads.

The Sentinel is available in two back lengths (42L or 45L) depending on your height. For those with a back length of about 40 to 50cm we suggest the 42L Sentinel. For those with a back length of 50 to 60cm or thereabouts we suggest the 45L Sentinel. Your back length is from your C7 vertebra down your spine to the point level with the top if your iliac crest.



Bar tacked webbings

All load bearing webbing points are triple machine stitched and then bar tacked for unparalleled strength. We take the view that you should be able to pick up a loaded pack using any webbing point.

Cordura Nylon

Cordura® fabric provides durable performance for a variety of end uses, including packs, luggage, workwear and motorcycle apparel. Cordura has excellent tear and abrasion resistance and long-lasting durability.

Cordura fabric is constructed with qualifying Invista yarns which are woven in the classic 2x2 basket weave construction in accordance with Invista's approved fabric standards for the Cordura brand.

Hollow form frame stays

The Hollow Form Aluminium Stays used in Mont packs are made from high strength, low weight 6000 series aluminium and are 25% stronger and 20% lighter than traditional extruded aluminium stays. These stays can be removed and shaped for a perfect fit.

V-ridge foam

Mont packs have a V-Ridge Foam in the back body contact panels. This low-density closed cell foam does not absorb moisture and the V-Ridge profile allows air flow to minimise overheating and maximise moisture dispersion.

DR80 Canvas

Waterproof: The DR80 process guarantees to be waterproof with every batch of canvas produced to exacting standards and tested for Hydrostatic Pressure and Cone Test leakage.

UV and Bacteria/Fungi Resistant: The DR80 chemical formula ensures a UV stable fabric and provides resistance against bacteria and fungi growth.

Fully Immersed Production Process: The DR80 production process ensures the wax formula penetrates the yarns of the base fabric. This is achieved by fully immersing the fabric in a padding bath and squeezing the formula into the fibres. This system also allows the fabric to 'breathe' as the woven base fabric is not sealed by a coating.

Hydration bladder compatible

This pack is hydration bladder compatible with a bladder pocket inside the main compartment. The bladder hose threads through a cleverly designed slot above the shoulder yoke and easily locates on either shoulder strap.

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