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Outdoor Gourmet

Outdoor Gourmet Coq Au Vin

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A red wine-enriched chicken stew in the company of mushrooms and onions served with a side of herb mash potato.

The Outdoor Gourmet Company has created a collection of lightweight and delicious meals using the finest ingredients and modern freeze drying technology.

Outdoor Gourmet meals are easy to make: tear open the pouch, add boiling water and stir. Close the ziplock to seal in the heat. Wait for 10 minutes before you enjoy your meal. Unlike traditional dehydration, freeze drying better locks in nutrition and does not require any extended boiling to rehydrate fully.

Freeze dried food is much lighter with a more natural colour and texture. More taste, less weight, less fuss, less mess!

From extreme expeditions to overnight ambles, you now have the option of choosing from an enticing range of convenient, lightweight, delicious and nutritionally balanced meals.