Australian Made DR80 Canvas

dr80 canvasAustralian Made DR80 Canvas

All canvas Mont packs are made from DR80 Canvas, an Australian made, waterproof, very durable, rip-stop canvas, highly resistant to bacteria growth and UV damage.

DR80 Canvas is highly waterproof by way of its tight weave, chemical treatment and ability to swell. In wet conditions canvas fibres swell, when the fibres swell microscopic gaps in the fabric are sealed off making the canvas even more waterproof again. Unlike Nylon, canvas is not reliant on a DWR treatment or a PU coating to be waterproof.

Highly Durable
DR80 Canvas with ripstop is extremely durable and if cared for correctly is guaranteed to give you many years of use in the wild.

UV & Bacteria Resistant
DR80 Canvas is resistant to damage from UV light and bacteria growth thanks to the DR80 chemical formula. The raw canvas is immersed in a bath and the formula is squeezed into the fibres. This fully immersed application also allows the fabric to “breathe” rather than being sealed by a coating.

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