Hydronaute 3S: Waterproof, Windproof, Breathable Technology

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Hydronaute 3S

Hydronaute 3S: Delivering a new level of breathability and moisture protection.

Hydronaute 3S FabricGreater Airflow. Greater Breathability.
Hydronaute 3S delivers a new level of breathability and moisture protection. Unlike most waterproof breathable fabrics that rely on a diffusion process to remove moisture vapour, Hydronaute 3S has a unique membrane technology that allows air exchange to transport moisture vapour out through the membrane while protecting the inside from external moisture. Its performance in active field conditions has proven to be up to 100% more breathable than the best waterproof breathable fabric technologies. It breathes at unprecedented levels in real field situations.

Hydronaute 3S is the ideal fabric for any high energy activities. It will keep you drier across a greater range of temperatures and enable superior performance in any conditions.

Fabric Performance
Waterhead: 10,000mm+

Hydronaute™ technology fabrics are available in a number of variations depending on the intended use. The use of these fabrics takes all Mont products to a superior level of performance by incorporating the latest advances in molecular science; Highly breathable, moisture control technology that works harder as the level of moisture vapour increases, in turn maintaining your comfort.

Look for Hydronaute, Hydronaute Pro, Hydronaute 3S, Hydronaute Ultra 2.5 and Hydronaute XT logos exclusively on Mont products.