How to Wash & Care for Hydronaute Shellwear

One of the most asked questions here at Mont is "How do I care for my Hydronaute™ shellwear?"

The most important thing is to keep your Hydronaute™ gear relatively clean. While shellwear does not require washing as frequently as general clothing, it is still important to ensure that sweat and body oils, makeup and other contaminants do not build up on the fabric. These contaminants, if left on the fabric, may cause bacteria to grow which can eat away at the bonding between waterproof membrane and seam sealing tape, causing de-lamination and a leaking garment.

Keeping the outside of your shellwear clean between use will also help to maintain and prolong the fabric's performance.

So when it is time to clean your gear, follow these simple steps to maximise the life and performance of your Hydronaute™ shellwear:

  • Select a gentle machine wash or hand wash your garment in warm water using a specialist shellwear wash (Grangers, Storm & NikWax make appropriate products)
  • Drip dry in the shade
  • Iron the outside of your garment on low heat to enhance the water repellent finish
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry-clean
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener
  • Do not use an in-wash waterproofing solution


Hydronaute™ fabrics offer outstanding waterproof, breathable and windproof performance and by taking good care of your garment you can expect years of use in the wild.

"For the first time in my polar adventuring career I felt as though I was properly dressed for hard work in polar extremes. The fabric choice too was spot on, The Hydronaute Pro™ expelling our constant perspiration before it froze and holding up well to the constant abrasion of a sled harness. So perfect were these shells that our team again used them during Pat’s 1200km Antarctic run from Union Glacier to the South Pole."
Eric Philips, Icetrek Expeditions