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Hydronaute fabrics provide Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable performance. Hydronaute fabrics are available in a number of variations depending on the intended use: bushwalking, hiking, mountaineering, alpine sports, travel and more. The use of these fabrics takes you to a superior level of comfort and performance by incorporating the latest advances in molecular science; highly breathable, moisture control technology that works harder as the level of moisture vapour increases.


Hydronaute: the standard in waterproof, windproof, breathable fabric.

Hydronaute Fabric

High Performance Fabric Technology
Hydronaute is waterproof, highly breathable and windproof fabric guaranteeing protection in all conditions. The combination of high performance, new-age face fabrics with innovative laminate technology means superior weather proofness and enhanced comfort.

Face Fabric Selection
The face fabric is a crucial factor in the performance of Mont Hydronaute™ garments. It affects the durability, breathability and ‘feel’ of Hydronaute™. Our access to the most advanced face fabrics means that Mont outerwear is technically superior to previously used fabric technologies. In particular, the face fabric in our bushwalking range has increased abrasion resistance, tear strength and pinhole resistance.

Fabric Performance
Waterhead: 30,000mm
MVTR (Breathability): 20,000g+/24 hours


Hydronaute Pro

Hydronaute Pro: the most waterproof, windproof & breathable technology.

Hydronaute Pro FabricComfort in the Extreme
In all conditions Hydronaute Pro™ provides a superior level of performance, delivering significantly enhanced breathability while maintaining a totally waterproof and windproof barrier. Leaving in its wake the limitations of microporous technologies, Hydronaute Pro™ fabrics, with their hydrophilic membranes, extend the range of breathable performance in real conditions and raises the benchmark for durable waterproof breathable technology.

Hydronaute Pro; Superior Breathability
Hydronaute Pro™ utilises the latest technology in bonding breathable membrane to face fabric. Unlike the bonding agents of most microporous fabrics which clog pores, the adhesive on Hydronaute Pro is breathable in itself. This allows for a greater volume of moisture vapour to be transported through the membrane.
This new adhesive also allows for a much stronger lamination between the membrane and face fabric resulting in a high level of lamination durability. The most waterproof breathable technology is now here.

Fabric Performance
Waterhead: 30,000mm
MVTR (Breathability): 28,000g+/24 hours


Hydronaute Ultra

Hydronaute Ultra 2.5: the ultimate in lightweight waterproof performance.

Hydronaute Ultra 2.5 FabricHydronaute Ultra 2.5™ provides the ultimate in lightweight performance, delivering a high level of breathability while maintaining a totally waterproof and windproof barrier. The combination of a lightweight face fabric, a highly waterproof, breathable membrane and a unique printed polymer finish provides superior performance in the harshest of conditions. Hydronaute Ultra 2.5 is the perfect balance between compact, lightweight and waterproof breathable technology.

Dry Touch
A printed polymer finish, applied to the membrane, enhances durability and eliminates the need for a bulky tricot mesh lining. This unique ‘dry touch’ finish dramatically improves next to skin comfort and breathability. The result is one of increased durability and comfort in a lightweight, compact, high-performance shell.

Fabric Performance
Waterhead: 20,000mm
MVTR (Breathability): 20,000g+/24 hours


Hydronaute XT

Hydronaute XT, specially designed for Mont down clothing and sleeping bags to make the best insulation even better.

Hydronaute XT FabricHydronaute XT™ is the only choice when it comes to the protection of your down products from wind and moisture. Hydronaute XT™ has been developed specifically to protect and enhance the performance of down sleeping bags and clothing. It makes the best insulation even better.

Unrivalled durability
The Hydronaute XT™ membrane technology and lamination process is extremely durable and unlike lightly coated or silicon finished products will not diminish. With Hydronaute XT, the performance of your down product will be maintained for many years.

Protection inside and out
Hydronaute XT™ protects down from moisture on the outside, but it’s on the inside of the bag where Hydronaute XT™ really proves its worth. Moisture vapour produced by the body can condense in the down of the sleeping bag reducing it’s ability to loft. With Hydronaute XT™, moisture vapour is pulled through the membrane via a molecular chain keeping down drier, maintaining loft and ensuring a more comfortable sleep.


Hydronaute 3S

Hydronaute 3S Delivering a new level of breathability and moisture protection.

Hydronaute 3S FabricGreater Airflow. Greater Breathability.
Hydronaute 3S delivers a new level of breathability and moisture protection. Unlike most waterproof breathable fabrics that rely on a diffusion process to remove moisture vapour, Hydronaute 3S has a unique membrane technology that allows air exchange to transport moisture vapour out through the membrane while protecting the inside from external moisture. Its performance in active field conditions has proven to be up to 100% more breathable than the best waterproof breathable fabric technologies. It breathes at unprecedented levels in real field situations.

Hydronaute 3S is the ideal fabric for any high energy activities. It will keep you drier across a greater range of temperatures and enable superior performance in any conditions.

Fabric Performance
Waterhead: 10,000mm+


Water Lab Fabric Logo

Water Lab fabrics provide a high level of protection from the worst of nature’s weather.

Water Lab FabricWater Lab™ Fabrics combine hard wearing face fabrics with high performance PU membrane technology; waterproof protection you can rely on. Water Lab fabrics are very durable and will withstand the rigours of rugged end use, making them suitable for many outdoor activities. All products made using Water Lab fabrics™ are covered by warranty against defects in materials and construction.

Water Lab™ benefits
100% waterproof
100% windproof
Highly breathable

Fabric Performance
Waterhead: 15,000mm
MVTR (Breathability): 10,000g+/24 hours


Hydronaute™ technology fabrics are available in a number of variations depending on the intended use. The use of these fabrics takes all Mont products to a superior level of performance by incorporating the latest advances in molecular science; Highly breathable, moisture control technology that works harder as the level of moisture vapour increases, in turn maintaining your comfort.

Look for Hydronaute, Hydronaute Pro, Hydronaute 3S, Hydronaute Ultra 2.5 and Hydronaute XT logos exclusively on Mont products.

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