Hydronaute Pro: Waterproof, Windproof, Breathable

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Hydronaute Pro

Hydronaute Pro: the most waterproof, windproof & breathable technology.

Hydronaute Pro FabricComfort in the Extreme
In all conditions Hydronaute Pro™ provides a superior level of performance, delivering significantly enhanced breathability while maintaining a totally waterproof and windproof barrier. Leaving in its wake the limitations of microporous technologies, Hydronaute Pro™ fabrics, with their hydrophilic membranes, extend the range of breathable performance in real conditions and raises the benchmark for durable waterproof breathable technology.

Hydronaute Pro; Superior Breathability
Hydronaute Pro™ utilises the latest technology in bonding breathable membrane to face fabric. Unlike the bonding agents of most microporous fabrics which clog pores, the adhesive on Hydronaute Pro is breathable in itself. This allows for a greater volume of moisture vapour to be transported through the membrane.
This new adhesive also allows for a much stronger lamination between the membrane and face fabric resulting in a high level of lamination durability. The most waterproof breathable technology is now here.

Fabric Performance
Waterhead: 30,000mm
MVTR (Breathability): 28,000g+/24 hours

Hydronaute™ technology fabrics are available in a number of variations depending on the intended use. The use of these fabrics takes all Mont products to a superior level of performance by incorporating the latest advances in molecular science; Highly breathable, moisture control technology that works harder as the level of moisture vapour increases, in turn maintaining your comfort.

Look for Hydronaute, Hydronaute Pro, Hydronaute 3S, Hydronaute Ultra 2.5 and Hydronaute XT logos exclusively on Mont products.