Mont Baselayer Calendar Challenge

We challenge you. Buy a pair of Mont Power Dry® Silk Weight Boxers and a similar item from another brand. Wear them equally, wash them equally, treat them equally. After 3 years we bet your Mont baselayer looks better, feels better and is better at wicking sweat and keeping you dry. And if they aren’t, bring them back and we will replace them.

Terms and Conditions

  • Both items must be presented to Mont Adventure Equipment in a clean condition accompanied with a receipt showing purchase at the same store at the same time.
  • Both items must be more than 3 years old.
  • A similar item is considered another pair of underpants made from a technical synthetic or merino and synthetic blended fabric.
  • Mont Power Dry Silk Weight Boxers are guaranteed to wick sweat and keep your skin dryer from sweat than a cotton or woollen baselayer.
  • Only Mont Power Dry Silk Weight Boxers with the Mont Baselayer Calendar Challenge promotion printed on package are eligible.