The Mont Story

Andrew “Monty” Montgomery made his first sleeping bag, down jacket and tent using his brother’s vintage sewing machine in 1978. Friends were impressed by his creations, and commissioned pieces. Andrew’s reputation for top-shelf gear quickly spread, and in 1981 he founded Mont Adventure Equipment.

Mont has long since outgrown Andrew’s small Canberra flat. While you’ll no longer find a trail of feathers leading to Andrew’s home, he’s still intimately involved in design, production and manufacture of all Mont products.

Today Mont is still privately owned and fiercely independent. At Mont we are serious users of gear – not bean counters, so you know quality won’t be compromised just to save a few cents. We are an international brand known for producing premium outdoor equipment, and proud of it.

At Mont we have a strong culture and love of the outdoors. We believe this passion doesn’t distract from our business goals – it enhances them. We know our products perform in the wild because we’ve tested them, and then made them better. Our dedicated design and sales team keeps up to date with the latest designs and product development, and will help you choose the right gear for your next adventure. We hope you love your Mont adventure equipment as much as we do.

Mont – Trusted in the Wild for Over Thirty Five Years.

Here a circa 1980 Icicle Jacket handmade by Andrew Montgomery in Canberra, Australia.