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All Aid

All Aid First Responder Kit

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Now features 10cm 'Snake Indicator Bandages', triangular bandages, wound dressings; and emergency blanket all in vacuum sealed bag.

This kit is a must for leader's of outdoor trips, solo adventurers or small adventure parties who operate in risk environments. it contains essential equipment designed specifically for outdoor environments, sealed in a bright orange custom dry bag. At only 400g this kit should go with you everywhere!

Packed in Dry bag: 2x Triangular Bandage 110x110cm, 2x Premium Crepe, 2x Snake Bite Bandage 10cm, 1x Trauma Wound, 1x Dressing #15, 2x Gloves Large, 2 Saline 15ml, 1x Emergency Blanket, 1x Disposable CPR Face Shield, 10x Plastic Dressing Strips, 25x Fabric Dressing Strips