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DMM Catch

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The Catch is a towable back-up device with a spring-loaded cam, allowing it to be positioned on the rope while working.


The Catch is a towable back-up device conforming to EN 12841:2006 Type A. The device features a non–aggressive stainless steel cam which is spring loaded allowing it to be positioned on the rope while the user is working.

The Catch incorporates a patented Towable Release Mechanism (TRM). The TRM allows the user to tow the Catch whilst descending, yet will enable it to lock onto the safety line in the event of a main line failure or uncontrolled descent. The TRM has a unique function that will lock the Catch onto the safety line should the user panic & grip the device during an emergency.

The Catch has undergone extensive field testing, including real person main line failures & uncontrolled descents, ensuring our system offers a significant step up in safe working with towable devices.

For use on approved 11mm diameter ropes complying with EN 1891:1998 Type A or NFPA 1983 (2012), with a maximum lanyard length (including connectors) of 800mm. This lanyard can be constructed using dynamic cowstails, textile or wire rope.



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