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Jetboil Flash Cooking System Carbon

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A lightweight and compact cooking system that includes burner, pot, lid with spout and strainer, measuring cup/bowl and igniter.

The Jetboil Flash Cooking System lights with the click of a button and in under 2 minutes provides two cups of boiling water for cocoa, coffee, instant soup or a gourmet freeze-dried meal. The igniter assembly is integrated into the burner for ease of use. Flash comes with a fuel can stabiliser for safety, and the cooking cup clips onto the burner, preventing accidental spills. The insulating cozy has a colour-changing heat indicator that signals when contents are hot. The Flash can boil up to 500mL of water at a time, and the included cup has a total capacity of 1 litre. The Jetboil Flash cup is tall and narrow - it is excellent for boiling water and heating liquid, but it is not recommended for cooking in. The Jetboil Sumo & Minimo are suitable for boiling water & cooking.