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Julbo Monterosa Black Reactiv High Mountain 2-4

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An easy to wear, high performance sunglass for women in love with adventure.

An easy to wear, high performance sunglass for women in love with adventure. High altitude mountaineering, extreme weather or daily life in the urban jungle, the Monterosa has removable side shields, Reactiv High Mountain 2-4 or Spectron 4 lenses and an ergonomic shape for total protection and perfect adaptation.

Reactiv High Mountain 2-4 lens, designed specifically for mountaineering and high altitude, is a photochromic and polarised (80%) lens with UV protection from category 2 to 4. Impervious to extreme cold conditions the Reactiv High Mountain lens will change from category 2 to 4 to provide clarity of vision in a wide range of conditions. The Reactiv High Mountain lens has a visible light transmission rate of 5-20%, a brown tint to accentuate relief in terrain and an anti fog coating.

Reactiv lenses are made using Julbo's NXT Technology, technology developed for military helicopter windscreens, this lens is designed to withstand and protect your eyes from high impact collisions. Tested to the ANSI Z87.1 standard the High Mountain Lens is capable of resisting impact from a 6.35mm diameter steel ball travelling at 160km per hour! No piece shall be detached from the inner surface, nor will the lens fracture.