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Majesty Freeride Destroyer Skis

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Majesty Destroyers are versatile big mountain skis constructed for a demanding freerider.


The Majesty Destroyers are hi-tech skis that meet all the requirements of modern freeride and freetouring in the backcountry.

A versatile big mountain ski that floats through powder thanks to the 240mm Elliptical Rocker, carves on hard pack and is stable at speed by way of a semi hybrid Camber/Rocker construction. Dual wood core with carbon kevlar reinforcement and a 90° side wall make these skis tough in the roughest of terrain.

While riding on hard-packed snow, Destroyer use the entire tail-end of the ski. This allows for increased riding stability, even at faster speed. Camber shape still gives perfect responsiveness, power transmission and edge-to-edge ride. Aerodynamic shape and riding properties make these new directional freeride skis prove their worth not only during backcountry adventures on wild slopes, but also in freeride skiing.