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Nalgene Small Travel Kit

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When you’re packing your toiletries for your trip, the Nalgene Medium Travel Kit is just what you need to organise all your lotions and potions.

Simple, durable and convenient – the Nalgene Small Travel Kit is perfect for all kinds of applications whether you’re hopping on a plane or hitting the road.

They’re made from sturdy HDPE, PP and PETG and features a selection of four leakproof bottles and two storage jars (not for liquids) which are perfect for your toiletries. The containers in this kit meet the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) 90ml size restriction for carry-on liquids and gels which makes them a great choice for overseas travel.

Dishwasher safe, and with different coloured lids for easy identification, the Nalgene Small Travel Kit makes packing liquids and gels a breeze.