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Ultimate Direction

Ultimate Direction FK Ultra Pole Carbon

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The large diameter shaft gives the FK Ultra Poles the best stiffness-to-weight ratio of any pole on the market.

The FK Trekking Pole shaft is 20mm in diameter at the top, while competitors poles are only 13.5mm. Increasing the diameter doesn’t just increase the strength proportionally, it squares the strength, and cubes the increase in stiffness! This important engineering principal has been used to build bicycle frames for 20 years, but incredibly, has almost never been used for trekking poles - until now.

Increasing the diameter provides a massive gain in performance for almost no weight gain. Additionally, the shaft is tapered toward the bottom for a beautifully smooth swing weight, and the lower 20cm of the poles are wrapped with Aramid fabric to resist damage from rocks. There are no moving parts that may break, or that add weight and cost: the pole's fixed length makes it the strongest, lightest and most reliable in existence.