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Voile Vector BC 160cm

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Combining the award-winning Vector ski design with a traction pattern base creates a versatile backcountry ski for long low-angle approaches, ridge crossings and short yo-yo turns in fresh snow.


A veritable workhorse, the Voile Vector BC Ski is a lightweight backcountry ski that will take you further up and down.

On trips with a long approach the Voile Traction Pattern Base helps you along, the low weight of Aspen wood and carbon fibreglass construction keeps them nimble and a hybrid rocker for turns on the steeps.

The Voile Vector BC Ski was used by Justin Lichter and Shawn Forrey on the first known winter traverse of the entire Pacific Crest Trail in California, covering 450km on the Vector BC Skis.

The pattern base does not eliminate the need to carry skins for steeper ascents.



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