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Radial Arc Baffle SystemThe Radial Arc Baffle System

The Radial Arc Baffle System is an award winning Mont design. The principal of the Radial Arc Baffle System is a three dimensional radial arc shape within the canopy of the sleeping bag. This maximises the height of the baffle chamber allowing the down to loft to its full potential. The higher the loft: the warmer the sleeping bag.

The shape of the Radial Arc Baffle also allows the canopy of the bag to better form around the torso thus reducing distortion or flattening of the baffles.

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Differential CutDifferential Cut

Differential cut is the term used to describe the difference in circumference between the inner and outer shells. The differential cut prevents down compression and cold spots by reducing the chance of the inner shell compressing against the outer shell.

For a truly effective differential cut there should be a considerable difference in the circumference of the inner and outer shells.



Draught TubesDraught Chambers

Mont sleeping bags feature an oversized 3D draught tube to stop warm air being exchanged for cold air through gaps in the zip.

The Specialist Boxfoot and Expedition Series Sleeping Bags feature a second 2D draught tube along the bottom of the zip that interlocks with the 3D tube to efficiently retain warmth even when you toss and turn.



Hood & CollarHood & Collar

Your face and head are more sensitive to changes in temperature, which is why we’ve paid special attention to the design of the hoods on all Mont sleeping bags. You’ll notice they’re larger than most, allowing more down fill to keep your head warmer. Highly efficient and comfortable 3D hoods are a special feature of the Boxfoot and Tapered Rectangular models.

Flat recessed drawcords ensure a comfortable seal around your face and neck without reducing the effectiveness of the down through compression.


DWR LoftDWR Loft: Advanced Moisture Protection for Down

DWR Loft is an advanced, environmentally friendly (Blue Sign Certified) down treatment that:

- protects down from moisture, maintains loft in wet conditions and greatly reduces drying time
- retains loft and warmth
- extends the life of your down sleeping bag or garment
- and improves resistance to bacteria growth

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Toaster PocketToaster Pocket

The Toaster Pocket is for slow-release, air-activated heat packs: your toes and feet will never be cold again! The Toaster Pocket can be found in all Boxfoot, Expedition, Tapered Rectangular and Zodiac Series Sleeping Bags.

NB: We recommend placing a heat pack in the Toaster Pocket at least one hour prior to going to bed then removing the heat pack before getting into the bag.

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Tuck StitchingTuck Stitching

Tuck stitching attaches the lock-knit baffle fabric to a small fold in the shell material. Tuck stitching joins three layers of fabric making for a much stronger seam than ‘top stitching’ that only joins two. It also inherently protects the stitch from abrasion and snagging by concealing it internally. Mont sleeping bags are manufactured with high quality, high strength, corespun poly-cotton threads.




Epic ThreadEpic Thread

All Mont Sleeping Bags are sewn with hydrophobic Epic Thread. This silicon impregnated thread prevents moisture wicking along seams and into the bag. Seams sewn with Epic Thread also allow for a greater consistency in thread tension resulting in a stronger seam.




YKK ZipsYKK Zips

YKK #5 gauge continuous coil zips are the best zips for the majority of sleeping bag applications due to their lightweight, strength and durability.

As well as using the best zips, Mont makes them easy to use with anti-snag Nylon zip tape stitched along draught tubes.



Mont sleeping bags joined for two peopleSleeping Bags For Two

Nearly all Mont Sleeping Bags with opposite zips are able to be zipped together, quickly and easily creating a sleeping bag for two.

Even Standard and Extra Large Mont Sleeping Bags will zip perfectly to each other because of a uniform length and gauge of side zips.

A Mont Women’s Bag will zip to another Women’s Bag and also to any Standard or Extra Large with only a small section of unattached zip on the larger bag.

If you intend on zipping two Mont Sleeping Bags together, new to new or new to old, we suggest checking prior to purchase that they zip together correctly as zip production can vary slightly over time.

Mont sleeping bags joined for two people

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