Solo Lite Harness System

Solo Lite Harness System diagram

Solo Lite Harness System logo

The Solo Lite is the lightest harness in the Mont range. The Java 22, Mojo 25 and Trance 26 & 32 series feature a Solo Lite Harness with a single Hollow Form Aluminium Stay. While the larger capacity Contour 35 and Sentinel 42 & 45 series feature a Solo Lite Harness with dual Hollow Form Aluminium Stays for extra load support. All of these Solo Lite packs incorporate a high density Polyethylene sheet providing outstanding strength, support and comfort.

The back body contact panel features non-moisture-wicking, closed cell, V-Ridge Foam for ventilation and comfort. Shoulder straps are constructed using dual density foams and stretch polyspan fabrics.

• Single or dual vertical Hollow Form Aluminium Stays
• High-Density Polyethylene sheet
• Non-moisture wicking, closed cell, V-Ridge Foam
• Dual density foam shoulder straps