Mont Ambassador: Doug Chatten

A seasoned ski tourer who calls The Main Range home, Doug Chatten works full time in the Kosciuszko National Park: During winter as a Professional Ski Patroller & the rest of the year for the National Parks & Wildlife Service as a Field Officer in a Rehabilitation unit, a member of the NPWS Search & Rescue team & as a Remote Area Fire Fighter.

Doug has also worked in Kosi as a Guide & Outdoor Educator. He is a backcountry skier & gear tester for Mont Adventure Equipment, skis K2 for Bentley Sports, is the Back Country Editor for ‘the SKI mag’ & a certified gear freak that has a penchant for stormy weather. Doug has been with Mont since 1994 and his alpine pursuits have taken him to Russia, Switzerland, Italy, France, Canada, USA, Alaska, New Zealand, India, Kashmir and Tasmania.

"Working in Kosi throughout the seasons enables me to provide Mont some real time product feedback. If I’m working hard climbing Watsons Crags, digging out buried nets on the ski hill, skinning up Mt Twynam, combing dense fire regrowth on search & rescue, digging a snow cave, running patients in sleds, or skating the Nordic trails I’m in the right forum to let the boys know about breathability, comfort & durability. Skinning the ridge tops of the Main Range in a gale, planting native grasses at Rawson’s Pass on a wet & windy day, patrolling the ski area boundary in a blizzard, thats good intel on wind & waterproofness. Bivvying without a bivvy in sub zero’s lets you know about the performance of sleeping bags."

"Over the years Mont clothing and equipment has kept me safe, warm and brought me home in some real ugly situations; Pinned down on the Murchison Head Wall at Mt Cook in 150km/hr winds, entombed in a snow cave in the Kosciuszko National Park, -35C on Mt Elbrus in Russia and being interrogated by the local police inspector in Gulmarg Kashmir (he rather liked my MONT two piece suit) to name a few."

"The crew at Mont are dedicated to providing cutting edge products to those who want to enjoy life’s great adventures. I’m proud to be part of such a great Australian company and look forward to testing many more great products."

Doug Chatten, guiding in the NSW Snowy Mountains, Australia. And NPWS chopper
Doug Chatten, climbing in the NSW Snowy Mountains, Australia
Doug Chatten, dog boxing in the NSW Snowy Mountains, Australia
Doug Chatten, skiing the Sentinel in the NSW Snowy Mountains, Australia