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Born out of a need for high-quality adventure clothing and equipment, Mont Adventure Equipment was founded by Monty in 1978. After searching for the right equipment gear that was high-quality as well as durable and not finding what he was after, Monty decided to take matters into his own hands.

Monty borrowed a sewing machine and hand-crafted his own adventure gear in his Canberra apartment, from a sleeping bag to a down jacket and tent to use on his upcoming ventures. After using his creations and impressing his loved ones, Monty began to create commissioned pieces for his friends and family. As with all things good, word travelled fast and Mont Adventure Equipment began to rapidly expand due to its popularity, garnering a reputation for quality adventure clothing and equipment.

Today, Mont Adventure Equipment remains privately-owned and is committed to creating better gear for the wild. Monty still directs the company, working with designers as well as research and development to innovate, test and create new adventure products.

Our Mont Adventure Equipment collection features adventure and technical clothing, headwear, equipment, accessories, tents, sleeping bags, travel gear, undergarments, bags, thermalsand more. The range features equipment and clothing for all, including specialised men’s, women’s, kids and unisex collections. Mont Adventure Equipment is also available for all climates to keep you protected in your next voyage, ranging in temperatures from 10 degrees to below 25 degrees.

One of our most iconic products is our Moondance 2-person tent. Leading the charge for lightweight, waterproof and easy to pitch tents, the Moondance is a go-to option for hikers, bikers and adventure travellers. Created to enable lightning-fast setup with the smallest possible pack size and weight, this tent is a staple within any adventurer’s gear for shelter on every voyage.

Mont Adventure is equipping every adventurer with quality garments and gear to make their travels all the more exciting. Explore the Mont Adventure Equipment range online now or visit our store in Canberra to view the product range in person!