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Do you need a Sleeping Bag with a Bivy Bag?

A Bivy Bag, Sleeping Bagand Sleeping mat together can form an excellent lightweight, low bulk sleep system. Ideal for trips in fairer weather, or fast and light missions, use a bivy bag in place of a tent with your sleeping mat and sleeping bag inside. For emergencies, a bivy bag can be carried as an emergency shelter. Put on your warm layers and hop inside your bivy bag to get out of the weather. Using your backpack or other material under the bivy bag will help insulate you from the ground if you aren’t carrying a sleeping mat.

How to reduce condensation in a Bivy Bag?

Choosing a bivy bag made from a high quality waterproof/breathable fabric will ensure you have the best chance possible of reducing condensation forming inside your bivy bag. Use your bivy bag in combination with a sleeping bag with a waterproof breathable shell to ensure that moisture generated throughout the night is pushed out of your sleep system, rather than being trapped inside. Lightweight bivy bags made from non-breathable fabrics make great emergency shelters, but will be much more prone to build-up of condensation on the inside of the bivy bag.

How waterproof are Bivy Bags?

Choose a Bivy Bag with a high-quality waterproof/breathable fabric to ensure long lasting waterproofness. Beware of bivy bags with lightweight floors – a high waterhead rating is essential to ensure that moisture from the ground doesn’t seep through into the bivy bag while you sleep.

When should you use a Bivy?

Bivy bags are an excellent shelter option for solo trips, and light and fast missions where a low pack weight and reduced pack size are essential for success. Bivy bags also make an excellent emergency shelter in the event of becoming lost or injured, and can be used in a hypo-wrap for an injured party member.