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Mont Sleeping Bag Technology Guide

Using advanced materials and construction methods the Mont sleeping bag range includes models suitable for any and all conditions. Use the guide and technology descriptions below to find the perfect sleeping bag to suit your needs.

Technology Expedition 8000 XT Series Spindrift XT Series Brindabella XT Series Helium Lightweight Series Warmlite XT-R Series Zero Ultralight Series Zodiac Series Evo Series
Hydronaute XT Shell
Ultralight Shell
Radial Arc Baffles
Box Wall Baffles
Foot Zip
Full Length Side Zip
Contoured 3D Hood
Vertical Torso Baffles
Cross Block Baffles
Tuck Stitched Seams
3D Draught Tube
Twin Draught Tubes
Internal Collar
Cordless Collar System
Water Resistant Down
Toaster Foot Pocket
Hollow Core Synthetic Insulation

* Warmlite XT-R Series has Hydronaute XT-R Shell, a 100% recycled technical fabric.

** Only Warmlite Boxfoot 750 has boxfoot.

*** Only Warmlite 550 & Warmlite 750 have foot zip.

º Zero Ultralight Series have 1/4 length side zip.

^ Evo Super & Evo Light have Shingle Baffles.

^^ Evo Synthetic Series use layers of synthetic insulation & as such are not prone to down migration.

^^^ The hollow core synthetic insulation used in Evo Series is extremely water resistant, absorbing less than 1% of its weight in water.


Hydronaute XT Shell

Comfort in the Extreme

Using advanced monolithic PU membrane technology, Hydronaute XT fabric is completely waterproof, totally windproof & highly breathable. Guaranteed to maintain greater warmth & comfort than coated fabrics, Hydronaute XT is the best protection for down sleeping bags & clothing in cold to extreme conditions.

  • Waterhead: 20,000mm
  • MVTR (Breathability): 20,000g/m2/24hours
  • 100% Windproof

Hydronaute XT-R Shell

Guaranteed by the Global Recycle Standard, Hydronaute XT-R is a 100% recycled Nylon fabric made from pre-consumer industrial waste.

Keeping down dry is vital in cold & extreme environments; wet down just won’t keep you warm. Using an ultra-light durable water resistant coating, Hydronaute XT-R fabric protects down from external moisture allowing it to trap as much warmth as possible.

If not removed promptly, water vapour from your body will gather on down & reduce its ability to trap warmth. Hydronaute XT-R expels 7L of water vapour per square metre per 24 hours for drier down, greater loft & maximum warmth.

  • Waterhead: 1000mm
  • MVTR (Breathability): 7000g/m2/24hours
  • 100% Windproof

While the fabrics used in all Mont Sleeping Bags are chosen, in part, for their low weight, the fabrics used on the Helium and Zero Series Sleeping Bags are truly ultra lightweight fabrics.

An ultra lightweight shell reduces the weight and the packed size of the sleeping bag. Ultra lightweight fabrics also allow down insulation to loft higher than it otherwise would in a bag with heavier fabric.

Helium Series use an ultra lightweight Nylon with a weight of only approximately 26g/m2.

The Zero Series uses the World’s lightest downproof Nylon: Anti-Gravity Nylon. Superfine 7 denier threads are woven at over 520 per square inch producing an incredibly light and super smooth downproof fabric: Anti-Gravity Nylon weighs only approximately 21g/m2!

The Radial Arc Baffle System is a significant design innovation that improves the thermal efficiency of a Mont Sleeping Bag.

Radial Arc Baffles curve naturally around your body rather than bending around your body. When a down baffle (chamber) is bent, ripples in the fabric occur which will create cold spots and compress down. The Radial Arc Baffle System reduces distortion and increases warmth and loft.

Box Wall Baffles are the warmest type of baffle for down sleeping bags.

Box Wall Baffles are three dimensional chambers that create maximum loft of down and uniform distribution throughout the sleeping bag.

Box Wall Baffles are in contrast to sewn through baffles, where the outer fabric is sewn directly to the inner fabric. Sewn through baffles are lighter and more compact but provide significantly less insulation.

A Boxfoot creates a layer of down around the entire foot section of the sleeping bag. Sleeping Bags with boxfoots, though less versatile provide far more efficient insulation than sleeping bags with foot zips.

Sleeping bags with foot zips are more versatile because you can open the foot zip for ventilation, or open both the side and foot zips to use the sleeping bag as a quilt.

Your face and head are more sensitive to changes in temperature, which is why we’ve paid special attention to the design of the hoods on Mont sleeping bags.

Contoured 3D Hoods wrap comfortably around your head even when not cinched with the drawcord. If you do require greater insulation, the hood drawcord can be located quickly and easily at the top of the hood (on Spindrift, Brindabella and new Expedition Series) or at the shoulder on opposite side to zip.

Contoured 3D Hoods can be found on Spindrift, Brindabella, Expedition, Warmlite and Helium Series Sleeping Bags.

Vertical Torso Baffles keep your core warmer by reducing down-shift and cold-spots. Regardless of whether you sleep on your back, side or front, Vertical Torso Baffles provide comprehensive insulation.

Cross Block Baffles prevent down migration from top to base of sleeping bag and vice versa, thereby maintaining optimal down distribution for maximum insulation.

Tuck stitching is a construction method that conceals the stitch inside the sleeping bag thereby protecting it from abrasion and snagging. This is in comparison to top stitched seams where each stitch is exposed. Tuck stitched seams are also more water resistant than top stitched seams, again because the seam is concealed internally.

Tuck stitching attaches the lock-knit baffle fabric to a small fold in the shell material. Tuck stitching joins three layers of fabric making for a much stronger seam than top stitching that only joins two.

A tuck stitch is concealed inside the sleeping bag.

The tuck stitching is completely hidden from the outside.

Mont sleeping bags feature a generous 3D draught tube along the zip to insulate against cold air passing through gaps in the zip.

Twin Draught Tubes

The Expedition 8000, Spindrift and Brindabella Series Sleeping Bags feature a second draught tube along the adjacent side of the zip that interlocks with the 3D draught tube to even more efficiently retain warmth.

The internal collar is a chamber of down that closes snugly around your shoulders and neck to keep more warmth in. When not in use, the muff lies flat and out of the way even when two sleeping bags are zipped together.

Mont’s new Cordless Collar System provides superior insulation around your shoulders and neck without the need for uncomfortable and fiddly draw cords.

The Cordless Collar can be wrapped snugly around your neck and shoulders or in warmer conditions can be secured inside the sleeping bag to increase ventilation.

The Cordless Collar is a unique Mont design and can be found on Brindabella, Spindrift and Expedition 8000 sleeping bags.

All Mont Down Sleeping Bags come filled with premium down with a water resistant treatment called DWR Loft.

  • Protects down from moisture and maintains loft in wet conditions
  • Retains loft and warmth
  • Greatly reduces drying time
  • Extends the life of down garments or sleeping bags
  • Improves resistance to bacteria growth

The Toaster Pocket is for slow-release, air-activated heat packs: your toes and feet will never be cold again. The Toaster Pocket can be found in Spindrift, Expedition, Brindabella, Helium and Zodiac Series Sleeping Bags.

We recommend placing a heat pack in the Toaster Pocket at least one hour before bedtime then removing the heat pack before getting into the bag.