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Mont Adventure Equipment’s leading collection of adventure gear features a wide range of hiking socks to keep you feeling comfortable on your treks. Choose from our variety of styles and weights and reach new heights with ease. The right pair of hiking socks offers the right balance of comfort and compression for the terrain.

Our lightweight hiking socks were designed for warm weather conditions and low intensity hikes, so they’re lightweight with minimal cushioning. Crafted from a range of blends and fibers, our lightweight hiking socks aim to reduce bulk whilst still providing reinforcement in the key support zones. With classic crew socks in non-slip styles, our lightweight styles are your go to on gentle hikes or warm temperatures.

Our midweight sock styles offer your next level of hiking sock support and insulation, that’s perfect for your day hikes or multi-day trips. With moderate cushioning and durable designs, these socks offer resilient padding to minimise foot movement. Shop from different fabrications as well as on trend colourways and patterns to find the right design for your treks.

For your cold weather hikes, our heavyweight socks offer dense cushioning and sculpted designs. These styles use merino wool blends to keep your feet warm and supported as well as quick-drying materials. Popular for your winter hiking or harsh conditions, our heavyweight hiking socks promise extra warmth and protection for your feet as you take on different terrains.

When it comes to hikes, your sock choice can make all the difference. With the right sock design, you can prevent discomfort as well as manage moisture and regulate your foot temperature for the ultimate comfort. Don’t forget socks when stocking up on protective hiking gear and shop our hiking sock collection today.