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Welcome to your ultimate destination for high-quality, ultralight tents designed to enhance the hiking experience. Our collection includes tents that are suitable for all levels of hiking, from beginners starting their hiking journey to advanced hikers going on the toughest of exhibitions.

Mont’s ultralight hiking tents are designed to provide you with the perfect combination of comfort and convenience, without sacrificing on durability. Our collection features lightweight tents from trusted brands like Mont and Exped, ensuring that your tent withstands even the harshest of weather conditions. This includes our signature Moondance 1 and Moondance 2 Tents, which are lightweight, and seam sealed.

Our lightweight hiking tents are also made from high-quality materials, making them easy to pack for hikers who value speed and efficiency. So, whether you're planning a weekend camping trip or a longer hiking expedition, we have an ultralight hiking tent that will suit your needs.

Why wait? Shop now and enjoy your next hiking adventure to the fullest.