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If you're planning a camping trip with a friend or partner, a two person tent is an essential piece of gear. Not only do these tents offer more space than a single-person tent, but they also provide a convenient and comfortable shelter for you and your camping companion.  

At Mont, we offer a series of options to suit your needs and preferences. Our Mont 2 Person Tent range includes the Epoch Tent designed for backcountry, alpine and mountaineering conditions, the Moondance 2FN tent designed for sub-alpine 4 season conditions, the ever-popular Moondance 2 tent designed for hiking and camping in 3 seasons, and the Eddie 2 tent designed for hiking and camping in sub-alpine 4 seasons. 

Each of our 2-man tents are designed to be as lightweight as possible without sacrificing weatherproof performance, comfort or durability. By using the most advanced fabrics, laminates and components, Mont tents are incredibly easy to setup, reliable in foul weather and available in styles appropriate all adventures and weather conditions. 

When it comes to adventuring, you can't choose good weather, but you can choose a great tent. Get ready for your next adventure and explore our range of two man tents today.