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As a convenient addition to your outdoor adventure kit, you can protect your gear like never before with a waterproof backpack cover.

Avoid weather damage and ensure an uninterrupted day in the great outdoors with our huge range of premium backpack rain covers and pack liners. Thoughtfully designed with a combination of durable and lightweight construction materials, they’ll repel water and prevent undue water damage to your backpack or whatever you’ve packed inside!

Our range of backpack rain covers ensure your adventure gear remains intact for this adventure and beyond. High compression, fold and roll closures and seal lips ensure waterproof performance across backpack covers of a range of sizes. Stop rain in its tracks with backpack covers designed with a flap-free fit and designs that deploy quickly in unexpected weather events.

To assist your comfort while on the trail, our range of backpack rain covers include wrap around cinches, secure hip belts and harness attachments. With a variety of sizes available, our waterproof backpack covers will fit almost any backpack from 25L to 100L in extra-large options.

Keep your backpack ultra-dry while hiking, camping or trekking on the trail with our range of waterproof backpack covers.