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Allowing all adventurers to see the world even better, Julbo combines technical excellence with durable designs to create high-performance protection and sports eyewear products suitable for every environment, from extreme disciplines to everyday life.

Originating in 1888, Julbo’s sun protection story first began by creating the world’s first ‘Cristailliers’ sunglasses at the request of French Chamonix crystal hunters. This innovative optical design enabled the crystal hunters to protect their eyes from the bright glare reflecting off the snow in the Jura mountains.

Soon after the success of this new sunglass design, Julbo released the iconic ‘Vermont’ sunglasses, enabling all mountaineers to ascend summits with eye protection. The ‘Vermont’ was quickly adopted by rockstars, adventurers and climbers alike, becoming a collector’s item.

What makes Julbo such a leader within the eyewear space is their technical excellence and commitment to testing all designs by climbing the highest peaks. Today, Julbo’s products are continually evolving and designed from the ground up alongside the best athletes, sportspeople, and distributors. Their goal? To constantly push the performance of our vision and protection products, and to invite all of you to and share the ultimate outdoor experiences.

At Mont, we stock a wide range of Julbo’s quality eyewear including mountaineering sunglasses, glacier glasses, cycling sunglasses, mountain biking sunglasses, trail running sunglasses and sailing glasses. So, you can protect your eyes in style, whether you’re hitting the slopes or heading for a hike.

If you require assistance in finding appropriate eyewear, please do not hesitate to contact the Mont customer service team.

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Julbo FAQs

Where are Julbo glasses made?

Julbo glasses are made across a range of different regions to preserve the quality and technical excellence of their sports eyewear. The Julbo sunglasses frame moulds are created in the research and development headquarters located in Longchaumois, France. These mould designs are a collaborative process and created by working alongside athletes, employees and brand ambassadors to determine the needs and purpose of the eyewear design. The moulds are then transported to Romania for production where they are manufactured and undergo rigorous quality control testing.

Who owns Julbo eyewear?

While Julbo was founded by Jule Beaud in 1888, it is currently a fifth-generated family-owned business and run by brother-duo Christophe and Mathieu Beaud.

Where to buy Julbo sunglasses?

Looking to invest in a pair of quality sports eyewear for your next adventure? At Mont Adventure Equipment, we stock a curated collection of men’s and women’s Julbo glasses and eyewear protection. This collection suits a range of activities from mountaineering, trekking, mountain sports, sailing, trail running, running, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, travel and more.

Our curated Julbo collection also features a variety of sunglass and eyewear technology from polarised sunglasses to reativ sunglasses and photochromic sunglasses depending on your preferred level of sun protection. Shop the Julbo collection online or at our Mont Canberra store!