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When tackling tough terrain, added support can come a long way. At Mont, we offer a range of hiking and walking poles that are expertly designed to enhance your stability and support you on your hiking adventure. 

Hiking poles can be a crucial piece of gear as they can help reduce the impact on your joints, particularly on downhill terrain. By using poles, you can distribute the weight of your body more evenly and reduce the pressure on your knees and ankles. They can also prevent falls and injuries by giving you more confidence to efficiently navigate your next hiking trail. 

At Mont, our collection of hiking sticks are curated with different features and materials to suit your needs. This includes ergonomically designed grips and adjustable heights. One of our standouts is our Black Diamond hiking poles, built for mountain and trekking athletes to provide maximum performance.  

No matter what your next adventure is, take it to the max with Mont’s collection of walking poles. Explore our range in-store and online today.