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Mont has a long history of and expertise in tent design, manufacture and use in the wild. Our tents are designed to be as lightweight as possible without sacrificing weatherproof performance, comfort or durability. By using the most advanced fabrics, laminates and components, Mont tents are incredibly easy to set up, reliable in foul weather and available in styles appropriate for all adventures.

Whether you are looking for an ultralight tent or a survival tent, our experts on Mont tents are here to help you today. If you would like to speak with an expert please contact us.

Tent Season Rating Classification

A widely used system for classifying tents is the season rating. Mont design and stock tents for 3 season and 4 seasons as well as subcategories of these season guides.

A 3 Season tent generally has a mesh interior to provide good ventilation in warmer Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons. 3 Season tents in the Mont range include the Moondance 1, Moondance 2 and Moondance EX Tents.

A 4 season tent generally has a Nylon inner to provide better insulation and better protection from wind-blown snow or rain. 4 Season tents are obviously better suited to cold weather camping in Winter. A 4 season tent may also be appropriate for snow camping in alpine conditions. 4 season tents will also have stronger pole structure to withstand snow loading and high wind. Mont 4 season tents include the Dragonfly, Epoch, and Eddie Tents.

Mont also make tents that we describe as a 3-to-4 season or sub-alpine 4 season tent. A 3-to-4 season or sub-alpine 4 season tent is a lightweight tent designed for camping in winter conditions, but not necessarily in alpine or snow conditions. Mont's sub-alpine 4 season tents include the Moondance 1FN and Moondance 2FN.

Mont also make Expedition grade tents. An expedition grade tent is a tent designed for extreme weather conditions such as you would face camping at basecamp while mountaineering or camping in alpine and snow conditions where the danger of blizzards is real and must be accounted for. An Expedition grade tent will be capable of withstanding high-speed winds, heavy snow loading and will often be a little larger inside to accommodate the additional gear required to camp in alpine or snow conditions.

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