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Tent Technology

Seam sealed, waterproof & ready for rain

All Mont Tents are fully seam sealed straight out of the box.

A clear polyurethane seam sealing tape is applied using a specialist machine at an exact speed, pressure and temperature of 350ºC.

Mont seam sealing is lightweight, durable and totally waterproof.

Multi-point guy cords for maximum stability

3 point attachment, single peg, reflective guy cords provide quick and easy stability with strong and uniform tension. Use the multi-point guy cords to secure your tent in strong wind and heavy rains.

Triple attachment, single peg guy cords can be found on Moondance 2, Moondance EX and Epoch Tents.

DAC poles for outstanding strength to weight ratio

All Mont Tents come with DAC brand poles. DAC brand poles are selected for their high strength to low weight and for DAC’s excellent environmental credentials.

DAC prides itself on minimising waste from the often chemical heavy process of aluminium pole production. The DAC anodising process in particular uses significantly less water and less chemicals than traditional anodising processes.

Roof vents with internal access

No need to climb outside for ventilation control in Mont tents, all Mont tents are designed with internally and externally accessed roof vents for quick and easy control of airflow.

Market leading 10,000mm waterhead floor

The floor used on Mont Epoch, Moondance, and Dragonfly tents is a lightweight, durable Nylon with a market leading 10,000mm waterhead TPU Laminate.

Mont uses Thermo-Plastic-Poly-Urethane (TPU) which is a far superior form of waterproofing than PU lamination or coating. TPU is more durable, more resistant to chemical damage (sunscreen, oils, insect repellent etc), and is almost impervious to hydrolysis. Hydrolysis is a reaction that results in a permanent and irreparable de-lamination between the PU and the Nylon fabric; the floor is no longer waterproof.