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Every Mont Sleeping Bag is designed and made to be as durable as possible but that doesn't mean a little TLC won't go astray.

By following these simple steps on general bag maintenance and cleaning you can ensure your bag will stay fresh, warm and performing to its maximum potential for as long as possible.

Firstly, let's start with the easiest step: between trips always store your sleeping bag loose in the provided storage sack rather than the compression sack. This will help maintain the loft of the down and the warmth of your bag.

Mont Sleeping Bag Storage Sack

Secondly, air your bag out after each use and ensure it is dry when packed away.

Using a camping mat under the bag will help keep the bag clean and provide sometimes much needed thermal insulation from the cold ground.

Body oils, sweat and other contaminants on your body can build up over time on and in your sleeping bag and may damage down clusters. Using an inner sheet or wearing a tee-shirt and underwear in the bag can reduce the amount of these contaminants making their way onto and into the sleeping bag.

Mont Brindabella Sleeping Bag

Cleaning your Mont Sleeping Bag

  • We recommend having your bag professionally washed. Look for companies that specialise in washing down sleeping bags.


  • If washing the sleeping bag yourself:
  • give the inside hood or other soiled areas a gentle hand wash before you wash the entire bag.
  • Turn the bag inside out and close all the zippers.
  • Select a gentle cycle on a front loading washing machine with a down specific soap, available from good camping stores.
  • Use lukewarm water.
  • Ensure the bag is rinsed very well and totally free of soaps.


  • Next, gently roll up the bag and carefully carry with two hands to a dryer.
  • Tumble dry in a large commercial dryer on low heat. This may take several hours and the bag should be checked often to make sure it is not overheating.
  • A few clean tennis balls in the dryer will help prevent the down clumping during drying.
  • Intermittently massage the bag to break up any down bunches.
  • Carefully feel the down insulation to ensure it is completely dry.


  • DO NOT dry-clean. The dry-cleaning process can ruin both the down and the fabric.
  • DO NOT use a top-loading washing machine as the bag can become entwined around the central spindle and tear open.

Benji Rogers-Wilson on the Russian ice fields
“I arrived in Finland a few days ago and I have survived my second Russian winter, thanks in no small part to the Main Range. The sleeping bag has been brilliant!”
Benji Rogers-Wilson, Mont Ambassador, Earth Odyssey.
Allie Pepper Mont Icicle Jacket
“"I have the new Mont Main Range sleeping bag and it was comfortable even at the high camp of 6000m. Temperatures got down to around minus 20-25 degrees at night but I often actually couldn’t zip the bag up as I was too warm in it when I wore my thermals inside!"
Allie Pepper, Mountaineer and Mont Ambassador.
Eric Philips, Mont Ambassador, in the Arctic
“At the end of a 35 below day on the Antarctic plateau I always look forward to a few luxuries; a bowl of chicken curry, Sigur Rós on the iPod and my Mont sleeping bag. It doesn’t matter where I am in Antarctica, among the coastal mountains or at the South Pole, my Main Range is with me. It’s more than just a luxury, it’s a necessity.”
Eric Philips, Mont Ambassador, Icetrek Expeditions.

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  • John Richardson - 03 Aug 2015

    I bought my Mont Franklin in the summer of 1984/85 with my tax return, for $212. It has been to Western Arthurs, Snowy Mountains, Bogong High Plains, NEpal, Iceland, Scotland, Swiss, German and Austrian Alps. Its still going strong!

    • Will - 04 Aug 2015

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the comment. It is always great to hear stories like this! May you have many more adventures with it.

      Will at Mont

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