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When it comes to conquering rugged terrain, climbing chalk and chalk bags are essential. At Mont, we stock a range of chalk and chalk bags to add to your climber's toolkit.

All our chalk has been made from the finest quality materials, ensuring optimal moisture absorption and enhanced friction between your hands and the climbing surface. With our chalk, you'll experience superior grip, even during the most demanding climbs.

We offer a range of chalk bags and products. If you are looking for convenience, our loose chalk is easy on the hands and offers excellent coverage. At Mont, we also stock chalk balls that minimise mess and chalk blocks that allow you to choose your own consistency. Liquid chalk is also a good option for reducing chalk wastage. No matter your choice though, our climbing chalk bags and chalk buckets offer superior assistance on your climb.

So, what are you waiting for? Try our chalk and chalk bags to make the most of your climbing adventure. Shop online today.