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Seam-sealed, waterproof & ready for rain

April 09, 2019

seam sealing tape being applied to moondance 2 tent fly

In recent years we've fielded a growing number of enquiries from customers about waterproofing on tents. Their research has led them to discover, often only hidden in the fine print, that many tents on the market are not seam-sealed. Seam-sealing is an essential step in making a tent waterproof. A tent without seam-sealing will leak in rain or even a morning heavy with dew.

All Mont tents are sold seam-sealed, waterproof & ready for rain. 

Mont Moondance EX Tent

With over 35 years in the business of adventure equipment, we have always committed ourselves to providing quality gear, value-for-money & honest advice.

For those of you with a Mont tent already, we hope that you have many wonderful adventures with it. For those considering a new tent, we urge you to look at the fine print & ask what you are & what you aren’t paying for.

To learn more about the materials, features & performance of Mont tents please do not hesitate to contact our expert customer service team.

The Team at Mont Adventure Equipment

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