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Continuing Around Tassie with Geoff Murray

May 27, 2014

After watching continuous wind and fronts passing across Tassie for several weeks, I finally spotted a weather window that would allow me to continue my Tasmanian paddle from the far NW tip, Woolnorth Point, across the North coast, down the East coast and into Hobart.

I am chipping away at the paddle, just doing a section as weather and time allow.

I drove up to Wynyard where I left my car and started off east in fine and sunny weather. I had all of the usual gear packed, including my ever faithful Mont Epoch tent and Mont Spindrift sleeping bag, along with an assortment of Mont warm and useful clothing. The coastline in Tassie’s central North isn’t so much spectacular as pleasant but it does have an amazing number of jagged and kayak destroying fangs of rock all along the coastline so vigilance is essential.

The first night’s camp was at Sulphur Creek, a nice grassy spot with even a table and benches! But boy, getting the kayak up across the beach on my trolley was tough!

Geoff Murray Mont Ambassador at Sulphur Creek

Geoff Murray Mont Ambassador at Sulphur Creek

The next day was another fine and sunny day, and I loaded the kayak with my gear and headed off again, this time ending the day’s paddle at Turner’s Beach. A nice, secluded spot, with more tables and chairs, and toilets!

Geoff Murray Mont Ambassador at Turner's Beach

Only a short paddle into Devonport the next morning but the wind had picked up a bit overnight, and so had the waves. A little more concentration as 1.5m waves regularly came through but it wasn’t long before I was bouncing through the rebound off Mersey Bluff and altering course into the mouth of the Mersey River and landing at Devonport. A quick phone call to a mate and the kayak and gear was deposited at his place and I caught a bus back to Wynyard to retrieve my car.

A couple of weeks later, I saw that there was a 2 day weather window in the NE so late Saturday night I had all of my gear loaded into the car and the kayak strapped on top.

Bridport is a small fishing town which is also the departure point for the boat’s that carry passengers and freight to Flinders island. The town has character.

Geoff Murray Mont Ambassador in Bridport

I pushed off from Bridport heading East again in fine and reasonably calm conditions. Basically to-day’s paddle was a long beach paddle and I intended to camp at Croppies Beach then return to my car the following day.

I landed part way along the beach through small surf for a bite to eat and a drink. The sun was shining, and life was good…… and my excellent Mont Paddle Hat kept me from getting sunburnt.

Geoff Murray Mont Ambassador in Tassie

Geoff Murray Mont Ambassador at Croppies Beach

Back in the kayak again and around a small headland to Croppies Beach in rather dramatic light.

Searching around I finally found a decent campsite for the night. Up with the tent again and in with the gear.

Geoff Murray Mont Ambassador at Croppies Beach

Time for a meal and I was warm and cosy in my Mont Slinx Top and El Gringo bottoms. These pieces of clothing are made from Polartec Power Stretch and they are unbelievably comfortable and warm. A Mont beanie on top and I was set!

Geoff Murray Mont Ambassador at Croppies Beach

The next morning the forecast was for rain and a moderate NE wind, but the weather forgot! So I had flat, oily smooth paddling back to Bridport. Amazing watching the waves slide past utterly silently.

Geoff Murray Mont Ambassador paddling back to Bridport

Mid afternoon, and I was back at Bridport. Time for a quick look at the Old Jetty and it was time to pack up and head for home. 180 kms done, 560 to go

Geoff Murray Mont Ambassador at Bridport old jetty

Geoff Murray

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