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High on the Main Range. By Robert Hofman

September 23, 2021

Moondance 1 tent on the Main Range. By Robert Hofman

The high-pressure system sitting over the continent meant it was time for an overnight trip high on the main range of KNP. To travel light I took my Moondance 1 tent and Helium sleeping bag; this allowed a quick climb to the main range from Guthega.

After skiing several runs into Watsons Creek, the camp was established on a high exposed perch with views back across the main range and down to the Geehi River. The inner of the Moondance was set up in no time, allowing me to kick back and enjoy the fading afternoon light with the fly not on, a great feature of the tent.

Moondance 1 at sunset

I have found the design of the groundsheet and inner make it incredibly easy to peg out the groundsheet and inner before setting up the poles, especially useful in windy conditions. With the cold setting in once the sun was gone the fly was easily fitted and I retired for the night.

The floor space of the tent meant I could spread out all my equipment and had plenty of space to cook my Delhi Biryani, a favourite for overnight trips.

A clear cold night meant significant frozen condensation in the morning. With the mesh inner the condensation had escaped and was frozen on the inside of the fly. I was worried that as the sun warmed the tent and this melted it would drip through into the tent. However, it simply melted and ran down the fly, dripping onto the ground with no moisture ending up in the tent.

The outside of the fly had a significant frost layer and so I decided to let it dry out while I went for a ski. Four runs into Siren Song Creek did the trick and it was time to pack up camp. This was made easy by rolling up the fly first and packing it away followed by the inner and groundsheet. All fit easily into the stuff sack.

A few more runs into Watsons Creek and the strong wind of the cold front coming in meant it was time to head back to Guthega. Though only a quick trip I was impressed with the packability and performance of the Moondance 1 tent in the alpine environment.

By Robert Hofman

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