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New Julbo Goggles and Helmets available now

June 18, 2021

New Julbo goggles and helmets available now at Mont

New Julbo Goggles and Helmets are available now at Mont. Seasoned favourites like the Aerospace and Starwind are back, along with brand new lines including the Quickshift, Sniper, Skydome, Cyrius and Ventilate.

Julbo, pronounced jul-bo with as much French inflection as you can muster, was founded in the 1800s when Jules Baud made glacier glasses for crystal hunters in the French Alps. Since then, Julbo has become the World leader in high-performance eyewear for mountain sports.

If you've not used Julbo's Reactiv (photochromic) lenses before, you're in for a pleasant surprise. No more swapping lenses. Instead, rapid transitions from dark to light and back again for perfect vision no matter the weather.

Julbo The Peak Helmet

It isn't just Julbo eyewear that is cutting edge: the new The Peak Helmet is a perfect balance of low-weight, comfort and protection. And with two EN certifications, EN1077 skiing and EN12492 mountaineering, this helmet is a fully qualified member of any backcountry kit.

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