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Review: La Sportiva Lycan Trail Running Shoe

July 20, 2018

Review: La Sportiva Lycan Trail Running Shoe

By Mont Sponsored Trail Runner and Australian Mountain Running Team member Etienne Blumstein-Jones.

First Impressions:
Very light to pick up and very light during wear. During my first run in them I noticed how responsive they felt, especially while running faster. There isn’t a lot of tread but they still very grippy while running down technical trails and running uphill on rocks like on Mt Tennent. What I really like with these shoes is that they don’t feel bulky like regular trail shoes, the best way to describe them would be road shoes with some tread and a bit of protection over the toes. 

La Sportiva Lycan Women's

After One Month:
After a month and a half of using these shoes. The tread hasn’t changed at all and the shoe doesn’t feel sloppy in the cushioning. They still feel the same as the first run! They feel great running technical descents and going up long climbs. I’ve done long runs, training sessions and easy runs in these shoes and they’ve been great in every one of those different runs.

La Sportiva Lycan Trail Running Shoe sole

I recommend these shoes for any sort of trail and mountain races you could think of from the short distance trail race to the ultra. These shoes would also work well as a door-to-trail shoe where some road or bike path is required; they feel just as good on those surfaces.

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