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The Budawangs. By Leann

March 02, 2021

Corang Arch, Budawang National Park, NSW. By Jasper Geach

Mont Shop manager Leann and her family walked the Budawangs twice over summer and are going back for more as soon as they can.


“Both trips started out warm and sunny and we witnessed the area recovering from the previous summer's fires, we saw and heard many lyrebirds, and found an awesome swimming hole. However, each time we approached the part with the best views, the weather turned and we had to settle for waterfalls and enormous vague shapes in the mist. Determined to get the views, we are going back again soon hoping for 3rd time lucky.”

Budawangs in recovery
and the weather turns

Leann is a highly experienced multi-day bushwalker with first-hand advice on the best gear and best practice for hiking, lightweight camping and climbing. Contact us or visit Mont in Canberra for all your adventure gear needs, expert advice and local knowledge.

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