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When it comes to women’s hiking pants, finding the right fit and style lets you feel your best on your next trek. Our women’s hiking pants range features a wide range of styles committed to comfort, functionality and durability to enhance your next hike. Choose from different fits, silhouettes and materials, to find style to suit however you hike.

One of our most popular women’s hiking pants styles is our overpants. Crafted from our waterproof and windproof Hydronaute fabric, this pants style is designed to provide an additional barrier against the terrain. These pants are an essential for regions with unpredictable weather or trips through various environments.

Styles like our Siena Overpants achieve a classic comfortable fit that can be easily layered for bushwalking or snow trekking. Their breathable barrier help keep you dry and comfortable, resistant from the effects of weather.

Discover our collection of outdoor pants for your base and mid layers and choose from a wide range of designs and styles.