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Ticket To The Moon Lightest Tarp

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Ticket To The Moon Lightest Tarp steps in to provide an extra layer of protection when your hammock doesn't cut it. Also working independently as a capable cover.

Wind, rain, and intense sunlight are common barriers to comfort while out on the trail. Even if your campsite isn't in the friendliest environment, your tarp will help extend your trip. Made from a ripstop, lightweight, and waterproof nylon tarpaulin, the Lightest Tarp drapes completely over your hammock to provide shelter.

The Sil-Nylon 20D material enables the Lightest Tarp to offer full features, as it comes with quick-release tension buckles on all four corners, two pegs and extra tie-out loops. The blue colored ridgeline tie-outs come with carabiners for easy orientation and fast installation.

You will surely love it. All guy lines are kept conveniently in breathable pockets so they do not get tangled.