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Grivel The North Machine Carbon. By Nick

August 19, 2021

Grivel The North Machine Carbon. By Nick

While Grivel's best selling Nepal SA and timeless Monte Bianco ice axes will assist you across a glacier and through easy terrain, Mountaineers will quickly find these axes left wanting on more technical climbs and steep pitches. To the uninitiated, they may look similar, but the security offered by a technical ice tool is leaps and bounds ahead of a walking or classical ice axe. Firm, easy, secure placements in waterfall ice and mixed pitched make your climb, and descent, a whole lot safer.

Introducing the Grivel The North Machine Carbon Ice Axe.

Extremely durable and yet still relatively lightweight, the Carbon composite shaft saves weight without compromising strength or rigidity. Grivel's Vario system allows for a range of hammers, picks and adzes to be interchanged on the North Machine Carbon's head, providing versatility for the alpinist who wishes to lap waterfall ice one week, and pioneer a new route or first ascent the next.

Grivel The North Machine with Hammer

Grivel The North Machine with Adze

The North Machine Carbon comes fitted as standard with a hardened steel pick, increasing durability and reducing time spent filing to maintain the performance of your tools. Pair a set of North Machine Carbon's with Grivel's Double Spring Rotor leash and you will be well equipped for technical alpine climbing and ice climbing.

Shop Grivel The North Machine Carbon

See the North Machine Carbon in action and an interview with Grivel Athlete and alpinist Steve House.

For alpinists stuck at home, this 15 part video series by Grivel on working out with your ice axes will help to maintain and improve general climbing fitness and alpine climbing specific movements.

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