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Justifying the best selling Mont Lifestyle Vented Shirt

November 13, 2020 3 Comments

Justifying the best selling Mont Lifestyle Vented Shirt

One of the biggest jobs at Mont is customer service, with the inbox sometimes a little overwhelming! But the emails are overwhelmingly positive; questions about our gear, emails about how well a customers gear worked, and fun stories and photos from the wild.

It isn’t all smiles, though, negative emails do occasionally pop up. But not to let that get us down, often these emails highlight a failure of communication on our part or provide information for us to reflect upon and improve with.

One email we received recently questioned the price and a particular feature of our Lifestyle Vented Shirt compared to another technical outdoors shirt of the same price.

So what is so good about this Mont Shirt, why is it so popular with our customers, and how do we justify the price?

With an RRP of AUD$139.95 some may consider the Lifestyle Vented Shirt expensive as far as button-up shirts go. But how about compared to technical button-up shirts for adventure? Now that RRP looks fairly average. Compared to merino/Nylon blend adventure shirts, that our shirt will outlast, $139.95 is outstanding value. And for the sake of comparison, against luxury fashion cotton shirts, $139.95 is peanuts!

Not to suggest we’re trying to sell the Lifestyle Vented Shirt as a luxury fashion piece, our shirt is very much for adventure in the wild.

Now feature wise, we use a very particular fabric from a very particular supplier, Supplex Nylon: Chosen for its superb comfort, for its soft and supple cotton-like hand, for its high durability, for its low weight, for its long functional lifespan, for its incredibly fast drying time, for its exceptional resistance to stains, and for its UPF 40+ protection.

Next, as the name would suggest, it is a vented shirt to keep you cooler in hot and humid weather. The unisex shirt has large recessed mesh vents along the shoulder blade area, while the women’s shirt has mesh vents under the arms.

Lifestyle vented shirt, unisex/mens, vents on shoulder bladesMesh vents under the arm on Women's Lifestyle Vented Shirt

Recessed mesh vents on shoulder blades of Unisex/Men's Lifestyle Vented Shirt, and mesh vents under the arms of the Women's Lifestyle Vented Shirt.

For sunny days, you will find the tri-fold collar very beneficial. And when the collar is folded down, that tri-fold feature isn’t visible at all.

Trifold collar on Lifestyle Vented Shirt

Tri-fold collar found on both styles of the Lifestyle Vented Shirt.

Heading to the coast or the tropics? Concerned about mosquitos? So are we. That’s why the Lifestyle Vented Shirt has an anti-mosquito Bug-Off™ treatment to keep the buggers at bay.

Note the two cargo chest pockets found on both the unisex version and the Women’s version. These pockets have two hook-and-loop patches each, which out of interest are more expensive to manufacture than buttoned pockets, and for this high-use pocket are preferable to buttons.

When your passport gets the chance to travel again, keep it safely hidden in the zip pocket hidden behind the chest cargo pockets. The unisex shirt has a horizontal zip hidden under the left cargo pocket flap, while the women’s shirt has a vertical hidden zip beside the left cargo pocket.

Side entry hidden zip pocket on chest Womens Lifestyle Vented Shirt Zip pocket hidden underneath cargo pocket cover on Unisex lifestyle vented shirt

Hidden zip pockets on the Women's and Unisex/Men's Lifestyle Vented Shirts.

On the arms are buttoned tabs to hold a rolled-up sleeve in place.

On the unisex shirt we do size 3XS through to 3XL, making it ideal for and widely used as a uniform for professional outdoor groups, school groups, adventure companies and industrial groups around Australia.

So why not pay $139.95 for this shirt for your next adventure? A shirt designed for the wild, overflowing with features that you will use, and loved by and adventure-proven by countless Mont customers.

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Bonnie wears the Unisex Lifestyle Vented Shirt in 2XS

Bonnie, 174cm tall, 81cm/32” bust, 61cm/24” waist, 84cm/33” hips, in a 2XS Unisex Lifestyle Vented Shirt.

3 Responses

Bill Ageras
Bill Ageras

November 16, 2020

All equipment i have purchased from mont,or by mont from bogong(i have the firefly tent),price has NEVER been an issue


November 16, 2020

Looks great – now you just need an anti-bacterial (no stink) treatment on it (or even just the armpit area) and it will be perfect.


November 16, 2020

I love this shirt and don’t regret paying the price tag. It’s my go-to hiking shirt all year round. It’s super light and comfortable, I can have the sleeves up or down, and I love being able to put up the collar when the sun’s on my neck. The navy looks smart too. An excellent product.

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