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Michael Milton has joined the Mont team as a brand Ambassador

August 29, 2013

I was a customer of Mont’s long before I became an Ambassador. My first purchase was a beautiful wind stopper cycling jacket way back in 1996. I’ve added to my collection since but I still wear the original.That’s a sound 17 year investment. That’s durability.

This is my first post as a Mont Ambassador so I should probably tell you a bit about me.I grew up in my parents’ ski shop where I witnessed the development of the original Goretex fabrics and the birth of fleece. I know about seams and zips and how important it is to have pockets in the right places. I appreciate good quality breathable clothing that keeps me warm and dry but breathable. I understand that designing and creating a quality garment is a delicate balance between form and function. It’s an art and not everyone can do it.I’ve been a ski racer for most of my life and I’ve represented Australia at five winter Paralympic Games with some good results.

During my 20 year racing career I rarely saw summer, alternating between the northern hemisphere winter and the ski season at home. When you spend 20 years living in winter, you appreciate the difference between clothing brands. In those days when the budget was very tight I would research and buy the best that I could afford.

When I retired from ski racing I was keen to realise some other dreams. I wanted to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. First stop? Mont. Time to buy a quality down jacket and a sleeping bag to keep me warm during those cold cold nights at altitude. True to their word, the gear was awesome. It was light and packed down small, it kept me warm and dry but was still breathable.

Since then I have walked the Milford Track, trekked Kokoda twice, mountain biked from Canberra to the coast three times and competed in countless road and trail bike races. I race triathlons and recently did my first ever marathon. I need good gear!

For the last couple of years my relationship with Mont has grown and changed and here’s the best bit: Not only do I get to wear the gear for free but I also get to chat with the team about new technology, advances in fabric and improvements in design. I really am a gear junky and the people at Mont are more than happy to indulge my addiction!

Recently they helped me solve a pretty unique problem I have with ski pants. My left leg is missing. I lost it to cancer when I was nine.Skiing with one pants leg tucked into my waistband or, even worse, flapping around in the breeze is just not an option. For years now I have been getting my sister or my mum to cut it off and sew up the hole but it’s never that effective and just doesn’t sit well. Enter Mont’s team of technical experts,pattern makers and seam specialists. My new custom one-legged ski pants are seam sealed and waterproofed and they fit perfectly. I’ve been waiting 25 years for pants this good!

I hope you enjoyed my first post. Take a look at some cool photos of some of the sunrises I’ve witnessed over the last few weeks in New Zealand where I have been working with the Australian Winter Paralympic team.

Until next time… travel safe and challenge yourself.

Michael Milton


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