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Mont Tents, now with a 25,000mm+ Waterhead floor.

March 05, 2021

Mont Tents, now with a 25,000mm+ Waterhead floor.

Have you heard? Mont Tents have a 25,000mm+ waterhead floor.

Sorry, did you say 25,000mm+? Yes.
As in 2, 5 and three 0's? Yes.

In recent testing conducted by an independent laboratory, the WaterBloc™ PU laminated Nylon used on most current Mont tents did not leak at 25,000mm. Nor did it leak beyond 25,000mm at which point the lab halted testing; their machine couldn't test any higher!

Mont Tents are unique in their field with the use of this type of laminated floor.

Mont WaterBloc™ PU laminate is better than regular PU laminate and far better than PU coating. Mont laminate is more durable, more abrasion resistant, less susceptible to chemical damage and all but impervious to hydrolysis. Stay dryer and more comfortable in all conditions in a Mont Tent.

This tent floor fabric was previously tested to 10,000mm+ and has been in use on Mont tents for several years now. If your Mont tent has a 10,000mm+ decal printed on it, this is the same fabric that has now tested successfully to beyond 25,000mm.

If you would like to learn more about Mont Tents get in touch now.

Mont is an independent Australian adventure equipment company fiercely committed to better gear for the wild.

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* This type of PU laminated floor is used on current Mont Dragonfly, Moondance EX, Moondance 2FN, Moondance 2, Moondance 1FN and Moondance 1 Tents as well as several previous generations of each including Dragonfly, Moondance EX, Moondance 2FN, Moondance 2, Moondance 1.

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